WEBCOZA started in November 1995 just as the United States Department of Defence open the Internet to the public. We were arguably the first design and hosting company in the country and the first in Durban

Our customers are small to medium size businesses that can enhance their present sales by the utilization of a website and e-commerce. Typical clients will require sites for the dual purpose of providing 24-hour information to customers as well as providing a purchasing venue. Potential clients are businesses in which a web site and e-commerce can provide additional incremental sales. The businesses will range widely from restaurants to neighbourhood pharmacies.

WEBCOZA provides a complete service for the design, installation and maintenance of e-commerce web sites for small to medium clients. We evaluate the success of each installation and follow up to make changes to improve the effectiveness of the each site.

Due to our long history in this market, being one of the first service providers in South Africa, and our business being built on favourable word-of-mouth, our services command a somewhat higher schedule of rates than average. Our reputation gains us a degree of pricing power. Our services, if done well (by ourselves) are affordable and immensely valuable.