Search Engine Optimisation has taken a new turn since Google changed their search algorithm. All previous optimisation has to be thrown out the window and everyone has to go back to the drawing board. What was working for you a few months back is now holding you back. A totally new strategy is required. Webcoza can provide you with that strategy!!

Search Engine Optimisation has two parts to it:
- Search Engine Optimisation On-Site
- Search Engine Optimisation Off-Site


This looks at the content and structure of the HTML page. It includes things such as optimal keyword density, required html tags, correct text format, internal links, and correct image structure and layout, amongst other things.


This consists mainly of creating back-links to your site. Back-links are links from other websites to your website. Search Engine Optimisation - backlinks

But not just any back-link will work - it has to be a high quality back-link. This means the link must come from a site with content related to yours. So if you have a weight loss website, the links must come from a health site containing a weight loss article, for example.

This can be achieved by article writing, forum marketing, and blogging, amongst other methods. Creating back-links has to be done at a certain rate. If it is done too quickly then Google and the other search engines will flag it as being machine-driven and blacklist your website.

The back-links should also include links from .edu and .gov if possible.

Search Engine Optimisation - backlinks These high quality back-links are given extra weighting by the creation of link pyramids and link wheels. These are low quality links that are used to give our high quality links greater significance with Google.

Webcoza offers a Search Engine Optimisation service consisting of high quality back-link creation from sites with similar content, as well as blogs and articles. Included in this is social media as well. We create anonymous social media accounts, you give us your URL, website address, a title, a number of keywords, a short description of 25 words and a long description of 150 words.

We spin the various descriptions to create unique articles which are then posted to various high quality sites. Back links are created at up to 50 per day. Too many and the process begins to look automated and it will be blacklisted. We then create the wheels and pyramids to boost the high quality links.

The on-site optimisation is a once-off service, but the off-site optimisation is on-going service.

On-Site Optimisation - R2000.00 for websites up to 10 pages. R3000.00 for larger websites.
Off-Site Optimisation - R150.00 (Basic package)/ month, minimum period of 6 months.

Prices are subject to change without notice.